Welcome to the website of the European Society for the History of Political Thought! Political theorizing has been one of the most distinctive elements in Europe’s vast cultural heritage. It is an important source of inspiration in the shaping of our political institutions and our cultural attitudes, and remains central to the development of “the … More

CfP: “Truth and Fiction” The International Medieval Society (IMS-Paris) invites interested scholars to submit proposals by November 24th 2017 for our annual symposium, which will be held in Paris on June 28th to June 30th 2018. This year’s topic is “Truth and Fiction” http://mecern.eu/truth-and-fiction-conference/

CALL FOR PANELS “Concepts in Transit: Political Ideas between Context and Universality” at the 2018 General Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research, to be held in Hamburg, Germany. For more information on the 2018 ECPR General Conference, visit https://ecpr.eu/Events/EventDetails.aspx?EventID=115

CfP: “People and Ideas on the Move: Interaction, Interconnection and Entanglement” The 12th Annual Graduate Conference in European History (GRACEH), to be held at the University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria), April 26-28, 2018 https://graceh2018.wordpress.com/

CfP: 23rd Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) International Affairs Building, Columbia University, NY Sponsored by the Harriman Institute 3-5 May 2018 www.asnconvention.com www.nationalities.org

CfP: Ethnopolitics in Central and Eastern Europe in a State of Flux 9-10 February 2018, University of Tartu (Estonia) http://www.uptake.ut.ee/cfp-ethnopolitics-in-central-and-eastern-europe-in-a-state-of-flux/?utm_campaign=Revue%20newsletter&utm_medium=Newsletter&utm_source=Biblioth%C3%A8que%20du%20CEFRES