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Summerschool: Cooperation and self-government: Sociopolitical experiments in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries – DHIP, 17.–19. September 2018 https://www.dhi-paris.fr/de/newsroom/detailseite/news/detail/News/call-for-papers.html

The ESHPT banners flew high last week at “Inclusion and Exclusion in the History of Ideas”, https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/language-culture/inclusion-and-exclusion-in-the-history-of-ideas , the first international conference of our partner institution, the Helsinki Centre for Intellectual History. ESHPT president László Kontler gave one of the keynotes, and the contributors included executive committee members Cesare Cuttica, Adriana Luna-Fabritius and Jani Marjanen (also one of the organizers of the conference). Around fifty participants discussed diverse aspects of the conference theme in perspectives ranging through citizenship, esteem, dialogue, tolerance, international law, transfer of ideas, suffrage, and more. Thanks and congratulations to the Centre for a rich and exciting academic event at a congenial location, which may at one day be targeted for a future ESHPT conference! ESHPT members working on the 20th century may be interested in another event coming up soon in Helsinki, https://www.helsinki.fi/en/news/language-culture/call-for-papers-european-narratives-of-crisis – watch the deadline on 21 January 2018!