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History of European Political and Constitutional Thought is a peer-reviewed series of monographs, edited collections, and newly edited primary sources. It promotes the study of European traditions of political and constitutional thought from classical antiquity to the twentieth century. The series brings to its geographical, historical and thematic focus the full range of methods established in the field, from contributions on the conventional canon to comparative, transnational, global and critical approaches, while also aiming to foster new methodologies.

Series Editors

Erica Benner
Cesare Cuttica
Laszlo Kontler
Mark Somos

Associate Editors 

Anna Becker
Alberto Clerici
Adriana Luna-Fabritius
Gaby Mahlberg
Jani Marjanen
Eva Piirimae

Advisory Board
Duncan Bell
Hans Blom
Annabel Brett
Lea Campos Boralevi
Janet Coleman
John Dunn
Pamela Edwards
Ioannis Evrigenis
Xavier Gil
David Grewal
Oleg Kharkhordin
Paschalis Kitromilides
Anne Peters
Christopher Smith
Balázs Trencsényi
Martin van Gelderen
Richard Whatmore

Vol 1

Volume 2 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

The Division of Labour, The Politics of the Imagination and The Concept of Federal Government by  Michael Sonenscher, 2020.

2 Vol Michael Sonenscher

Picture by Marc Somos

Volume 3

Comparative Constitutional History

Principles, Developments, Challenge Edited by Francesco BiagiJustin O. Frosini, and Jason Mazzone, 2020.

Vol 3 Comparative Constitutional History

Volume 4

Crisis and Renewal in the History of European Political Thought 

Edited by Cesare Cuttica and László Kontler, 2021. 
Cover Crisis and Renewal in the History of European Political Thought

The Thinker by Rodin