Annelien De Dijn

Full Professor, Department of History, University of Utrecht, 2018-present


Freedom: An Unruly History. Harvard University Press. Forthcoming Spring 2020.

Abstract: This book surveys over two thousand years of thinking and talking about freedom in what is conventionally known as ‘the West’ – starting with the invention of freedom in ancient Greece and bringing the story all the way up to the present. In doing so, the book shows that our conception of freedom – the idea that freedom depends on the limitation of state power – must be understood as a deliberate and dramatic rupture with long-established ways of thinking about liberty.

French Political Thought from Montesquieu to Tocqueville: Liberty in a Levelled Society? Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Series Ideas in Context, 2008; paperback version published in 2012; Chinese translation published with Sun Yat-sen University Press in 2018.

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Reviewed in French History, French Studies, and H-France ç


Egalitarian Revolutions: The Struggle for Economic Equality in the Atlantic World, 1776- 1815.

Rethinking Liberty Before Liberalism. Edited with Hannah Dawson. Under review with Cambridge University Press (submitted May 2019).


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The Thinker by Rodin