The ESHPT endeavours to promote the building of a community of scholars active in the field by various means: by establishing a network of exchange and information about news and announcements via this website, by organizing regular (biannual) conferences, smaller scale research seminars, workshops and other events, and by publications.

The ESHPT launched its own series of regular conferences right upon its foundation in 2009. The Society endeavours to publish carefully edited, thematically and methodologically coherent volumes with high quality academic publishers, based on a selection of papers from each conference (see publications). The following conferences have taken place.

“Towards a European Political Thought: In the Footsteps of Herodotus” (organized by Martin van Gelderen, European University Institute, July 2009)

Athenian Legacies: European Debates on Citizenship (organized by Paschalis Kitromilides, University of Athens, January 2012)

Trust and Happiness in the History of Political Thought” (organized by László Kontler, Central European University, Budapest, September 2014)

Constitutional Moments. Founding Myths, Charters and Constitutions through History (organizer: Xavier Gil, Universitat de Barcelona, October 2016)

Crisis and Renewal in the History of Political Thought (organized by Cesare Cuttica, Erfurt / Helsinki; Xavier Gil, Barcelona; László Kontler, Budapest; Susan Richter, Heidelberg; Peter Schröder, London, University of Heidelberg, October 2018)

The Thinker by Rodin

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